The History Of Man and Woman Kind


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0. If you find this freely provided information as consistent, knowledge that increase your personal as well as national consciousness as well as wellbeing and want to support, the best way to do it is by sharing and/or by recommending it.

If you remove something wrong but what the Man Kind or part of the Man Kind believe in, the removed part must be replaced by reality in a way that even a child can understand and internalize, something that people can trust in, something that has never changed and never will change.

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1. Every preset time living Englisman, represents all Englishmen in the history of mankind, who have made her/his existence possible present time. That long is each Englishmans Personal Family Line. All English families combined forms The English National Lineage.

2. Physical/Earthly part of the Personal as well as the National lineage, are all present time living Englishmen in the Country of England, and through the mind/psyche, the psychic/soulful part of the lineage, are all deceased Englishmen in The History of Man Kind.

3. The number of Englishmen - as all the other ethnic peoples -, decreases the farther back in time we follow the National lineage. Consistently, the English National Family Line starts from the first Mother of The Englishmen and the First Father of The Englishmen.

4. The same way as in present time, the English language has been primarily passed from parents to children through the whole History of Man Kind; From the First Mother and The Fist Father of The Englishmen to present time living Englishmen. That is the true age of the English soul, Language and Mind.

5. All truthful information from the known history, confirming the ethnic Englishmens dignity, honor, conscience, self-esteem, physical and/or psychological health and stability - earthly and/or soulful knowledge -, human rights and rights in general, that are approved and can be attached in consistent order to this History of Ethnic People of England. All such information is by Soul of the First Mother and Father of The Englishmen.

6. Religiously, every Ethnic Nation have their own Adam and Eva - that is The Ethnic Nations First Father and First Mother, who present time as by knowledge are the Gods of The Ethnic Nation.

7. Consistently Our First National Mother and First National Father- The Gods - were in the beginning someones children. Whos children are they? At this point we don't know - which is the correct answer when physical evidence don't exist.

8. To be noted : If someone ask from where does this information come from, answer her/him; "The information derive from The First Mother and The First Father - Gods-, through The History of Man Kind, generation by generation taught to the children of Man Kind, to each present time living Nation of Man Kind.

9. Translate 0 - 9 to any existing Ethnic Nations Native language, changing in the writing "Englishman", "Englismen", "English", "England" to the name of The Ethnic Nation Name the writing is translated into, and the writing is the truth for The Named Ethnic Nation.

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