The Cause of The Crisis in Ukraine


TREATY OF PEACE WITH FINLAND is the most important document in and for the World, protecting democracy as well as all human rights and values. It protect against enemies inside a land as well as enemies outside the land. Beside those who at the time signed it, it is also "signed" by all human beings who died in the war. All civilized well educated human beings, scholars, advisors. national security agencies as well as leaders in all countries - United Nations - not to mention media over all should know and respect it. See Our Opinion (in English) links at the left.

We all have heard and read of the Crisis in Ukraine - of unrest, of the riots, of the split into east and west, of the war itself, of the Malaysian airplane shot down on the war zone, of annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, of economic sanctions against Russia followed by Russian economic sanctions against European Union, of the victims of the ongoing war. Each previously mentioned event individually or all events together are consequences - not The Cause of the Crisis in Ukraine.

In order to objectively find The Cause of the Crisis in Ukraine, we put aside all of the consequences for a while and evaluate the known political history of Ukraine briefly prior all consequences.

Strange political decisions cause unrest


We are not going into all details in the political history of Ukraine simply because we are looking for The Cause for the unrest, rise of turmoil, frenzy, riots, war in between the West and East Ukrainians and all other consequences included.

The same way as a doctor who examines the spread of a virus, we listen to the patient, we take tests and do diagnosis of other countries having the very same symptoms as Ukraine prior the Civillian War.

After the 2004 elections, part of the Ukrainian government approached NATO and European Union.

In 2010, Ukrainian Parliament decided to abandon the pursuit of NATO membership, Poland supports Ukraine to join The European Union.

In 2013, Ukraine did not sign the prepared trade agreement with the European Union, which caused a large-scale riots in the capital, Kiev.

The largest Ukrainian ethnic groups are Ukrainians (77.8%) and Russians (17.3%). According to the census, 67.5% of the population spoke Ukrainan and 29.6% Russian language.

In 2014 Ukraine's parliament decided to withdraw The Language Act of 2012, which allowed other language to be used as official language in areas where more than 10% of the population spoke other than Ukraine language. It led to unrest among the Russian-speaking population and the with-
drawal of The Language Act was canceled.

Above are some of the reasons for the rise of the turmoil, frenzy and riots in Ukraine. It is obvioius that the government of Ukraine was unstable because of alien influence. The most important is "Poland supports Ukraine to join The European Union" which lead us to European Union and Poland.

European Union and Poland


When following the trace to European Union and Poland, we find "The Eastern Partnership (EaP), that is a joint initiative involving the EU, its member states and 6 eastern European partners: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine".

What is written in the papers sounds good, but the consequences - what have happened in Ukraine - are not by any means good. Compared to Ukraine prior the turmoil, frenzy and riots, in 2015 similar event(s) took place in Belarus.

Related or not related?
A matching type of event occured in Europe between 1990 - 1995. As a consequence of the devastating war between 1990 - 1995, former Yougoslavia in West Balkan was split into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

Tracing The Cause don't stop in the European Union. The tracing continue to Poland, from where the The Eastern Partnership reformation program "of lands bordering Russia" was introduced into the European Union. At this point, pay attention on that more lands than the above mentioned lands border Russia.

Eastern Partnership (EaP)


From Poland the trace of the origin of The Eastern Partnership (EaP) reformation progam leads to Sweden (Östliga Partnerskapet). Eastern Partnership (EaP) EaP was developed in Sweden by Swedish Migration Board (SMB), at the time known as the Söderköpings process.

The connection to Swedish Migration Board (SMB) and Swedish immigration policy is important to remember, simply because after 1970's it is being built on a dream of "Everyone is welcome to our multicultural society in where everyone is happy". A dream that would become a night-
mare for all countries in Europe.

The original proposal was created by Sweden and Poland in 2008, particularly its Foreign Ministers at the time – Carl Bildt (Sweden) and Radoslaw Sikorski (Poland). The Eastern Partnership (EaP) reformation program was presented at the EU's General Affairs and External Relations Council in Brussels on 26 May 2008 and it was inaugurated by the European Union in Prague, Czech Republic on 7 May 2009.

The tracing of The Cause leads to The Söderköping process in Sweden.

The Cause : The Söderköping process


The Söderköping Process was launched in May 2001 during the first Swedish Presidency of the European Union, as a cross-border cooperation process on asylum and migration and in order to respond to the new challenges that arose with the EU’s eastward enlargement. Thirteen countries were involved, including the EaP countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The European Commission ensures the overall coordination of the activities of the Panel and provides financing for the Panel and expert meetings. General Support is provided by the Swedish Migration Board (SMB) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Mission in Ukraine.

Developed by Swedish Migration Board (SMB) between 1990 - 2000 and launched as Söderköpings process in European Union during the first Swedish Presidency of the European Union in May 2001, have a connection with the European Unions eastward enlargement.

Link : Eastern Partnership (EaP) Panel

Summary so far


Created by Swedish Migration Board (SMB) 1990-2000, known as The Söderköping process launched in 2001 during the first Swedish Presidency of the European Union, introduced to European Union by Carl Bildt (Sweden) and Radoslaw Sikorski (Poland) in 2008, adopted by European Union 2009 and present time known as as Eastern Partnership (EaP). In 2007 there was no centralized governing body, all issues were handled at annual senior meetings and at working meetings of clusters.

Eastern Partnership (EaP) is connected to the European Unions eastward enlargement. Present time the goal is to reform countries with border to Russia making them puppet states of European Union/Sweden. The target countrys government is being corrupted which lead to domestic unrest and the target country is split into Western and Eastern - or even more parts. Depending on what type of government the target country have as wells as what weaknesses it have, different methods are used to influence its internal affairs.

In the reformation program massive propaganda pointing out Russia as the enemy of the target land is included; "Russia is a threat", "You must join European Union", "You must join NATO" - playing Russia and USA agaist each other.

The target lands in 2001 known as Söderköping countries was in North to South order: Estonia, Latvia, Lithaunia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine. Later on Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia was included in the target lands of reformation. According to Swedish Government documentation, even countries on West Balkan as well as Turkey in East Balkan - a member of NATO - are target lands of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) reformation program.

Of Russia's annexation of Crimea


The Black Sea Fleet is a large operational-strategic command of the Russian Navy, operating in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea since the late 18th century. Its ships are based in various harbors of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, while its aviation and infrastructure is based in various locations in Crimea and Krasnodar Krai.

The Black Sea ports of Crimea provide quick access to the Eastern Mediterranean, Balkans and Middle East. Historically, possession of the southern coast of Crimea was sought after by most empires of the greater region since antiquity; Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Russian, British, French, and Nazi German.

In order to prevent the spread of the civilian war as well as to prevent ISIS get access and bases in the area, Russia's annexation of Crimea was a must; One of many Consequences of The Cause.

Helping authoritarian regimes to spy


According to an investigation by the Swedish news show Uppdrag Granskning 2012, Sweden’s telecommunications giant Teliasonera is provoding high-tech surveillance in lands that have been reformed or is under the reformation procress.

Teliasonera also provide authoritarian regimes with high-tech surveillance gear to spy on its citizens. Teliasonera has allegedly enabled the governments of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Kazakhstan to spy on journalists, companies/corporations, union leaders, and members of the political opposition. Above mentioned country names are added to the list of countries being reformed or countries that are currently under reformation process; Countries where next unrest may occur.

More information can be found at
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Organaized Crime And Corrruption Reporting Project

TeliaSonera changed its name to Telia Company AB.

According to Wikipedia Telia Company AB's other operators are

Roshan, Afghanistan
Azercell, Azerbaijan
Star-Cell, Cambodia
Yoigo, Spain
Geocell, Georgia
Kcell, Kazakhstan
Kcell, Kazakhstan
LMT, Latvia
Amigo, Latvia
Okarte, Latvia
Omnitel, Lithuania
Ezys, Lithuania
TEO, Lithuania
MegaFon, Russia
Moldcell, Moldova
Ncell, Nepal
NetCom, Norway
NextGenTel, Norway
Halebop, Sweden
Sonera and Tele Finland, Finland
Tcell, Tajikistan
Call me, Denmark
DLG Tele, Denmark
Telia, Estonia
Diil, Estonia
Turkcell, Turkey
Ucell, Uzbekistan

Reformed or currently under reformation countries


The map of reformed or currently under reformation countries. Map : Google Maps

By Söderköpings process (2001) / Eastern Partnership (2008) reformed or currently under reformation countries since 1990. The list is not complete.

- Armenia
- Azerbajan
- Belarus
- Bosina and Herzegovina
- Cosovo
- Croatia
- Estonia
- Georgia
- Greece
- Hungary
- Kazakhstan
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Moldova
- Montenegro
- Poland
- Romania
- Serbia
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- Tajikistan
- Turkey
- Ukraine
- Uzbekistan

Unrest in Montenegro, Turkey, Romania and Belarus


In Montenegro located at West-Balkan, in November 2016 allegations was rized on that during the October parliamentary elections a Russian-led group had planned to overthrow the government. According to special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnicin, no evidence of Russian involvement exist.

The same type of reformation process as in Ukraine; NATO and Russia are played against each other splitting Montenegro into East and West with all consequences.

In Turkey gun battles broke out and the army used tanks and fighter jets in a military coup attempt to bring down President Tayyip Erdogan in July 2016. The coup failed and est 41000 has been arrested and state of emergency and exceptional laws are still in force in January 2017. Turkey belong to the target lands of Eastern Partnership (EaP).

In Romania January 2017, days after the government of the Grindeanu Cabinet was sworn into office, protests took place throughout the country against ordinance bills that were proposed by the Romanian Ministry of Justice regarding the pardoning of certain committed crimes, and the amendment of the Penal Code of Romania - especially regarding the abuse of power. Romania belong to the target lands of Eastern Partnership (EaP).

In Belarus the very same type of political instability is been observed as in Ukraine prior all consequences. The cause of political instability is the same; Eastern Partnership (EaP) is present in Belarus.

In all countries where Eastern Partnership (EaP) is present, political instability, unrest, riots, violence as well as civil war is predictable. Predictable is also, that when Russia is trying to prevent civillian war in the target country, the headlines screams; "Russia is attacking Belarus" (Swedish government, military leaders and military experts). Several scenarios were spread by Swedish owned press on "The Russian plan to invade Finland".

In which country next?

Finland included in the target lands


Finland belong to "Countries bordering Russia". Map : Google Maps

Of corrupting target lands officials

A major Swedish engineering company, Bombardier Transportation AB, is suspected of channeling millions of dollars in bribes to unidentified Azerbaijani officials through a shadowy company registered in the United Kingdom. Prosecutors believe Bombardier moved millions of dollars in bribes through Multiserv Overseas Ltd., a company that appears to exist only on paper. Read more at Bombardier Sweden Investigated for Alleged Bribery in Azerbaijan.

Of high-tech surveillance in Finland

The Swedish Telia Corporation bought Finnish Sonera Corporation in 2002 and was renamed TeliaSonera. The merge made it possible for Sweden to spy on journalists, union leaders, and members of the political opposition in Finland - like in all lands bordering Russia. TeliaSonera changed its name to Telia AB Company. In 2014, Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja confirmed that in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spyware was found in 2013. Read more at Swedish Telcom Giant Teliasonera Caught Helping Authoritarian Regimes Spy on Their Citizens.

"Evidence of Russian aggressivity"

When the violence escalated in Ukraine in 2014 which lead to the split of Ukraine into East- and West Ukraine, civilian war and Russian intervention (all Consequences of The Cause), the Swedish owned press in Finland told how "Russia is a threat", "Russia attack Georgia, Ukraine, its neighbour countries", "Russia may attack Finland at any time".

The European Unions economic sactions against Russia hurt Finlands echonomy and at the same time a massive propaganda against Russia started in which Swedish government, military leaders as well as military experts presented all types of scenarios on how Russian "green men" would attack Finland. Out of context taken information from the ongoing crisis in Ukraine was presented as "evidence of Russian aggressivity". Some of the politicians in Finland wanted Finland to join NATO - some not.

We know for fact that by the Treaty Of Peace With Finland 1947, Finland is already protected by among many United Nations, Russia and USA/NATO - and through Finnish Jurisdiction - all are protected by Finland.

It all escalated in that all Russian summer cottage owners were by mostly Swedish owned press in Finland pointed out as Russian spies. The President of Finland Sauli Niinistö stepped in and warned the media for making things worse than it is, hurting the relations between Finland and Russia, and the propaganda against Russia cooled down.

The Swedish propaganda against Russia failed. Even if it all led to some unrest, it did not split Finland. No riots. No escalating violence. No civillian war. What it all lead to is that Finland got more evidence against Swedish government (Treaty Of Peace With Finland).

Refugees as human bullets

When the propaganda against Russia failed - When splitting Finland into East and West failed -, at the end of 2015 Sweden sent 15000 refugees to the totally unprepared Finland. Pay attention on that sending refugees to a land that "Russia can attack anytime" (Swedish government, military leaders as well as military experts) is against human rights and values - not to mention common sense. Sending refugees to Finland the way it was done, is also against the The Dublin Regulation (Regulation No. 604/2013).

The total cost for Finland for hosting 15000 refugees, among which suspected terrorists belonging to Isis was found participated in a holocaust in Camp Speicher Iraq, is estimated to be 1,5 to 2 billion Euros.

The violence among refugees as well as taharrus ginsae related rapings of Finnish 14 - 60 years old children and women, led to unrest and protests among the Finnish population. The unrest and following protests among the Finnish population was not violent.

Theoretical math : Of Calculated Risk


1. At the end of 2015 Sweden sent est 15000 refugees illegaly to Finland.

2. We take into account the taharrus ginsae related rapings of 20 children and adults, violence among refugees - everything, as well as what it possibly could have lead to; 2 Isis members who participated in a holocaust in Camp Speicher in Iraq was found among the refugees: Terrorism in Finland.

3. The total cost for Finland is estimated to 1.5 up to 2 billion Euro.

The numbers can be used in any land in Europe and can be adjusted being close to or matching the existing statistics. Then take the average of all.

For exact numbers for Finland, please contact Finnish authorities.

Easy way out : Multiple the numbers from Finland by two

15000 : 2+ terrorist, 20+ rapings of children/adults, other crimes
30000 : 4+ terrorist, 40+ rapings of children/adults, other crimes
45000 : 6+ terrorist, 60+ rapings of children/adults, other crimes
60000 : 8+ terrorist, 80+ rapings of children/adults, other crimes

The same way with the minimum cost : 15000 = 1.5+ billion Euro.

The rise and fall of an empire


Adopting the Swedish immigration policy - the multicultural dream - created by Swedish Migration Board (SMB) 1970 - 2000 as well as the Söderköping process in 2001, known as Eastern Partnership (EaP) since 2009 in European Union, was a big mistake by The European Union.

By using 1970 instead of 1990, we take into account the Finns moving to Sweden in 1970's covering largest part of the history of the Eastern Partnership (EaP). The history gives us valuable information on the difference between immigants/refugees coming from a democratic Eruopean country into another democratic European country and immigrants/refugees coming from a none-democratic none-European country.

The Swedish immigration policy created by Swedish Migration Board (SMB) in between 1970 -2000 - "everyone is welcome to our multicultural society in where everyone is happy, all are welcome, open borders" - have casued the problems related to immigration and refugees the European countries struggle with present time.

Behavior as above by European Union, will cause European Union to collapse, like all other empires in history. In simply terms, making more enemies outside by corrupting, reforming and splitting countries into East and West as well as hurting member countries by not following own regulations and laws, will lead to the collaps of The European Union.

To mention some of the things related to immigration and refugees that speed up the collaps; Cultural collision between European and non-European cultures. Most refugees/immigrants have low education level which is colliding with high education level in democratic Europe. The religion(s) the refugees have fled from follows them to Europe is colliding with religion(s) as well as democracy in democratic Europe. Beside normal human beings moving from one country and culture to another, even all types of criminals move and increase the criminality in the countries they move in to. Also behavior directly related to religion, racism and facsim - that in democracies are defined as criminality - increase.

Moving from one democratic European country into another; Normally it takes 1-2 generations for small amount of immigrants to adopt the new homelands customs and traditions as well as learning the language.

Moving from totally non-democratic non-European country into a democratic European country - taking into account present time communication systems as well as the large amount of people moving; It take several generations - or - it will never happen and so called NoGo -zones are being formed as in present time Sweden.

The known history and events present time


Known history is a gigantic database in where we can find similar or same type of events that is happening present time. What decisions were made back then and if it led to good or bad, give present time people including leaders valuable information on what to do.

The map above is of events that took place est 1000 years ago as well as events that took place est 100 years ago - and of events taking place present time; Evilness repeats itself as long as it is allowed to repeat itself. The worst enemy of a Nation is not always outside the borders of a Nation, but inside the Nation.

By the known history we know that many have tried to make empires, but one after another, the empires have collapsed. We put our $'s on that intelligent human beings wins next one too, IF the worst would happen.

As for now : The focal point


What the reformers did not know at the time was the development of the Crisis in The Middle-East - a tsunami of incoming immigrants/refugees from Middle-East and Africa.

What the reformers did not know at the time is, that the large numbers of immigrants/refugees also contain The Cause of The Crisis in The Middle-
East, all types of criminals as well as new types of criminality.

What the reformers did not think at all of, is that every culture can contain extreme violent "movement" and extreme passive "movement". In between those two are the normal people who are in majority. Present time, very much point in the direction on that the "democracy” of Sweden shown up, actually is a passive pseudo democracy, ready to be reformed into worse or better.

The Crisis in The Middle-East was not created nor controlled by Eastern Partnership (EaP) - and it all developed into The Chaos that exist in present time in Europe.

The focal point : The Swedish Dream (1970 -) of "Multicultural society in where all is happy, living in peace, open borders for all, all are welcome" introduced to European Union (2001 - 2008), became A Nightmare for European countries (2009 - 2017).

The massive propaganda in Sweden the past 3 decades against racism, at the same time promoting one hundred per cent for "Multicultural society in where all is happy, living in peace, open borders for all, all are welcome" - not to mention the massive illegal propaganda on that "Russia is the worst threat" (racism) - have by time led to a passive Swedish population.

Present time, 1/3 of the people of Sweden actually are victims of racism, because a) their government have imported a large amount of people who did not have common sense human values in their home land, b) present time they have no common sense human values in Sweden (racism against Swedes and the true refugees) - and never will.

The true refugees are victims of racism against them in their homeland. By time, the racists have followed the true refugees to Sweden pretending to be refugees. It is Hell on Earth when you are true refugee in your Gods given Homeland.

The Road To Peace


If you have not read the TREATY OF PEACE WITH FINLAND - it is now time to do it.

. .. ... to be continued ... .. .

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